Moving to Linode

September 25 2009

As part of my move back over to WordPress, I also switched hosting companies. Being a developer I wanted some hands on experience running my own server, and since the pricing for a VPS is now quite reasonable(only £5 more a month than what I was currently paying), I decided to take the plunge.

It was a toss-up between Slicehost and Linode, though I finally decided to go with the latter. I’m glad I did because it really has been a breath of fresh air! Setup was suprisingly simple, as I managed to get a LAMP stack running this instance of WordPress is under an hour.

Their prices are competitive, offering lots of storage, bandwidth and a plethora of distributions to choose from. In addition to this their administrative interface is a joy to use and any support tickets I’ve created have been answered in minutes. No regrets on my part.

So if my post has persuaded you in any way to opt for Linode and signup using my referral code, I’ll buy you a beer :)