Project: Nearest Cineworld

April 7 2011

As an avid cinema goer, I’m always checking the Cineworld website to see whats showing at my local venue. Because I tend not to bookmark anything locally, I get sick of having to go to their site, clicking the Cinemas tab, finding Boldon Tyne & Wear in the dropdown and so on.

Fortunately they have a nice API, around which I created a wrapper, in the form of the cineworld gem. It also turns out I like making things for the web(kind of fitting being my day job and all). So I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to throw together a quick mashup leveraging the html5 geolocation API (which is a bit flakey btw), and some CSS3 webkit transforms to build the Nearest Cineworld.

To get a feel for what is going on behind the scenes(massive props to TMDb btw), I’m going to be open-sourcing the app, so make sure to friend me on Github and keep an eye out.

Give it a try, and let me know in the comments what you think, and more importantly if it doesn’t work(which is quite likely).

Note: I haven’t done any browser testing / graceful degredation on it, and to be fair I’m not going to.