Ruby Gem: Cineworld

April 29 2011

I released my first ruby gem, cineworld in to the wild a couple weeks ago. I’ll be honest most of the heavy lifting was done by httparty, but it was a learning experience nonetheless. Hat tip to jeweler also.

Unsurprisingly it’s a simple wrapper around the Cineworld API, which is able to pull back cinema listings, film showings and performances from Cineworld venues around the country. Check it out on github or start using it now by following the instructions below.


gem install cineworld


# Initialise with your API key
cineworld ='API_KEY')

# Get all cinemas that have programmed performances
puts cineworld.cinemas

# Get all films that have programmed performances
puts cineworld.films

# Get all dates that have programmed performances
puts cineworld.dates

# Get all performances that are programmed for a particular cinema, film and date
puts cineworld.performances

Let me know in the comments if you find it useful, or if you want to contribute a patch, please do so on GitHub.