JavaScript North East

April 21 2012

Last week I had the pleasure of giving a talk on Jasmine at JavaScript North East(JSNE). Despite being nervous as hell(public speaking), the talk went ok and it managed to provide some stimulating conversation around testing.


I’ve posted up the slides on SpeakerDeck, or you can see them embedded below.

Motivation for the talk

It’s clear we’re seeing a trend toward business logic living on the client. This is because we as users enjoy using rich and responsive web applications like Twitter and GMail. Now that internet speeds across the world have increased, coupled with the fact that browser vendors have worked hard to optimize their JavaScript engines and increase parallel downloads, developing applications like these is no longer restricted to companies who have their own server farms.

Because of this trend, front-end developers have to grow up and start embracing software development best practices when building non-trivial web applications.

One way we can achieve this is by testing our code using a tool like Jasmine. This ensures any JavaScript we write is maintainable, correct and modular.

In my talk, I outlined why and how Jasmine is highly capable of testing any JavaScript of any platform using a few examples along the way.