Why aren't you Huffduffing yet?

January 11 2010

Lets face it - finding interesting and information rich podcasts in a certain niche is hard work. The web is filled with podcast directories with no easy way to sift through the noise.

Enter Huffduffer

A service built by Clearleft’s Jeremy Keith, Huffduffer is a social tagging tool for audio files. Think of it as a Delicious for MP3s, but better.

Because the service is home to audio files that interest mostly web folk(but not restricted to), it makes discovering new content in my industry a lot easier.

The icing on the cake is how Huffduffer deals with any content that gets my attention. By Huffduffing an MP3, it aggregates this into a single podcast which can be subscribed to in iTunes. Any audio file found on the web can be Huffduff’d and added to this podcast.

There’s no shortage of support either, as both the handy bookmarklet and Firefox plugin allow you to Huffduff any MP3s you may stumble across while browsing the web.

So why aren’t you Huffduffing yet?