Why listen to audiobooks?

March 29 2010

One of my goals for 2010 is to read more books. This became a realisation when I noticed the few that lay on my nightstand had formed a nice coating of dust. The problem was that setting aside time to sit down and read had become a chore. I liken it to going to the gym. Once your there it’s great and afterward your happy you made the effort to go, but getting there really takes some motivation.

So I went on the lookout for an alternative, and it didn’t take much digging before I unearthed Audible.

Audible is the largest seller of audiobooks on the web. Unsurprisingly they’re Amazon owned, and at the time I managed to partake in a trial which entitled me to one free download.

This was ideal, because I was somewhat skeptical at the outset. The thought of some boring bloke talking for hours on end seemed too much like University.

How wrong I was.

I recommend giving audiobooks a try to anyone who travels, commutes to work or has a dog. Here’s a few reasons why:

The pricing scheme behind Audible is dead simple. You pay a low monthly subscription, which entitles you to download one new audiobook a month, and you can opt out at any time. Alternatively you can pay per book, if you don’t want to go with the subscription model. Prices range between £6-10 this way.

Do you listen to any audiobooks? Can you recommend any I should be adding to my Wishlist?